What Artwork is sold on NFT marketplaces?

Literally Everything! Be it 3D animation, photos, videos, sports footage, gifs and 3D models. Below are the services we offer

Gaming is a massive market with a volume of over $177 billion. Surprisingly the cryptocurrency market is much larger. We are a world-class game development agency helping turns ideas into fully playable games as blockchain gaming is the next big thing.

You should not settle for a digital solution that isn’t tuned to your artistic vision. Find the best NFT animation services you need to help you successfully meet your project planning goals and help you earn millions. Get started today with an expert animator.

Want to earn millions? The NFT artwork Everydays: The 5000 First Days sold for a record-breaking $69M. Similarly, you can too! Get your 3D Modelling NFT artwork created by us and start selling your 3D art at the NFT marketplace.

Do you think you have an idea to become a successful NFT seller? Our environment modeling artwork designer is ready to help you launch the next big collection of your NFTs, giving you a chance to own digital art and make millions out of it.

The NFT based artwork is here to stay, and now, you can be a part of it! Get your crypto avatar designed by NFT designerz and turn it into NFT artwork for sale. NFT avatars are images of a character, usually from the shoulders up, frequently used as digital profile pictures.

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Most Affordable Packages

We are well aware of the competition. That is the reason why we have a fair pricing model.
We ensure quality over quantity on each order.



Premium Base Character Creation

  • Base Character Creation
  • 3 Traits/Accessories
  • 2 revisions included
  • Sourcefile
  • Fully refundable until revision call



NFT Universe including 1,000 character variations.

  • Base Character
  • 30 Traits/Accessories
  • 1,000 Variations
  • Collection Generation
  • Metadata
  • Source Files
  • 2 Revisions included
  • Fully refundable until revision call



NFT Universe including 10,000 character variations and 3 revisions.

  • Base Character
  • 70 Traits/Accessories
  • 10,000 Variations
  • Collection Generation
  • Metadata
  • Source Files
  • 3 Revisions included
  • Fully refundable until revision call
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